About Us

"The latest Weavils's CD was...certainly a delight to listen to. The interweaving of the instruments was masterful and quite enticing--reminiscent of many of the best folk and bluegrass of the '60's era! The Weavils set the mood and immerse you in their music! Wonderful!!
.......Don Zientara, Producer and Recording Engineer of the Innerear Studio, Washington DC

The Weavils are a Seattle based Bluegrass/Americana band. Not happy with a single genre our sets include Bluegrass, Folk, Country, Cajun, and even a few Hawaiin tunes. We do a mix of covers and original music.  Here are the Weavils:

Greg Lawless: banjo, ukele, jaw harp, vocals, percussion - Using the sacred banjo maxims “every song can be improved by playing it faster” and “louder is better” Greg has been “improving” the Weavils songs for many years. As an Irish left handed banjo picking lawyer there frankly are no jokes that are not applicable to Greg. Valued by the group because they practice at Greg’s house, and he always provides popcorn and sodas.   

Pete Thorn: rythm guitar, backup vocals, bandero - There are some pluses and minuses to having an engineer in your musical group. The plus with Pete is that he’s a great guy, who plays a mean rhythm guitar, does the high harmonies, and can recite the periodic table of the elements, should that prove necessary during a performance. The down side is that if you ask Pete a question like “what is the root note in a G chord”, rather than give the answer most people would “G”, Pete will answer something like this: “If we know A is at 440 Hertz and use that as a constant, since the relationship between frequencies and musical steps is exponential.......”

Mark Myers: 6/8 dobro, lap steel, harmonica, guitar, vocals - Marked joined a well known bluegrass band in the San Francisco area as an accomplished dobro player when he was 20 years old where they had him play.......the harmonica.  During that time Mark played with the likes of Vassar Clemments.  Over the years Mark has played with a number of accomplished bands, and taught the Dobro. No one in the group is positive how old Mark really is, but by our reckoning, if he has played the Dobro since he was 14 years old, that would mean he’s been playing Dobro for almost 130 years. A marine biologist by trade, the Weavils asked Mark to join them because he is an outstanding Dobro player, and can give them fishing tips.

Dave Grout: lead vocals, washboard, percussion - When most guys hear Dave sing, they exclaim that they would give their right “important body part” to have a voice like that. Dave is the master of harmony, which he learned at an early age. His father, a Presbyterian Minister, needed Dave to sing harmony in the Church choir. A traditionalist, Richard Grout encouraged Dave to sing the old fashioned way. “Boy, you’re a gunna sing about joy and stuff, or I’m gunna whup your butt”. Dave squandered his talents for years with the Seattle Bach Choir, but luckily he elevated his music to singing baritone with the Weavils.

Mike Karbowski:bass, whistle, dancing, vocals - An accomplished surgeon and anesthesiologist, Mike’s interest in the bass actually started during a complicated surgery. Looking into the patient’s body cavity Mike asked the surgical nurse next to him “wonder what it would sound like if I plucked this thing?” Music historians still disagree whether it was a colon, or small intestine. In any event, Mike plucked it, liked the sound and decided he was a bass man. It didn’t take very long for him to realize he couldn’t always bring cadavers to jams, so bought himself a stand up bass, and has been plucking ever since. Mike is a true bass man. He sings bass, plays second base for his softball team and likes to fish for bass.

 Chris Davidson:  Chris joins the Weavils with a hot mandolin, a beautiful tenor voice, and as a coffee importer and taster, the ability to make more sophisticated the Weavils’ choices of coffee.  Granted since many of the Weavils consider expired (costs less that way) Folgers instant coffee the nectar of the gods, there really is nowhere for them to go but up.  Chris has a love for old time bluegrass music, and brings to the Weavils a wonderful collection of tunes.

Gray Pederson:  Our musical version of a utility infielder.  He plays the bass and the guitar really well,  and steps in whenever Pete or Mike are unavailable.  Which only happens due to critical and serious events like Mike having a bad hair day, a complete and total tree eclipse (one tree blocks out another) and if either experiences an owie. 

Former Weavils.  Doug Chandler, David Brody, and Mark Steudel are all fabulous musicians who have played with the Weavils and contributed massively to the band.  They all left the band for silly reasons like work, family, moving and the like.  Despite that, we love them anyway and are so very grateful for the time they spent with us.

Past Venues

This is just a small list of a few places we've played:

  • Coombs Bluegrass Festival
  • Blue Moon Bluegrass Festival
  • NW Folklife
  • Strawberry Festival
  • Ballard Seafood Festival
  • Gypsy Cafe
  • Sweet Lous
  • Sliders Cafe
  • Conor Byrne
  • Sound Falls
  • Mukilteo Bluegrass and Folk Festival
  • Weddings
  • Private Events
  • Retirement Communities
  • Annual Saint Spiridon Orthodox church Bazaar
  • Port Angeles, Concerts at the Pier series
  • The Tri City Tumbleweed Festival
  • Seattle 4th of July Concert at Magnusson Park
  • City of Seattle Alki concert series
  • Kingston Concert Series
  • Richmond Beach "Food Truck Wednesday"
  • George Bluegrass Festival